UCSB CNP Network Monitoring

The UCSB Campus Network Programmers perform active monitoring of network devices and services, both for the CNP's own needs and also on behalf of various campus departments as time permits. This monitoring is currently performed by a piece of software called Xymon Monitor (formerly known as Hobbit Monitor, which was a successor to Big Brother). You can view the current state of this monitoring at the following URL:

We can currently test the following services:

  • IP Connectivity (ping test - with optional traceroute)
  • Web page content checks (HTTP/HTTPS with optional auth)
  • E-mail: SMTP/POP3/IMAP and their SSL variants
  • Certificate check with SSL tests
  • SSH
  • LDAP/LDAPS including query test
  • FTP
  • DNS
  • NNTP
  • NTP
  • RPC
  • SMB (445/tcp, IPC$ enumeration only)
  • RDBMS queryable through the Perl DBI. More extensive testing is available for MySQL.
  • SNMP monitoring for many common ethernet and UPS devices

Tests for other services may be performed upon request. Test are sourced from (

UCSB departments may request monitoring of IP-addressable devices on their networks. Requests should be sent to and include the following information:

  • IP addresses to be monitored (with corresponding DNS hostnames, where appropriate)
  • Services to be monitored on a given host
  • Parties to be notified when a failure is detected

An example request may be found here:

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