Wireless Networking

Wireless network connectivity is provided via the "UCSB Wireless Web", "eduroam", and "UCSB Secure" networks available at the locations listed below. Faculty and staff (including pre-hire), students and associates with a UCSBnetID can use this network. For Frequently Asked Questions and additional information, please see the wireless FAQ.

  • Arts bldg.534
  • Arts & Lectures, bldg.402
  • Arts Museum
  • Arts & Music Library
  • The Arbor exterior (line-of-sight for 200 feet)
  • Baseball Facility
  • BioEngineering bldg.512
  • Biology-III bldg.504
  • Bldg.434 (aka Women's Center) rm.107,121-125,141A-H,145,147.
  • Broida Lecture Halls 1610,1640
  • Broida Hall, floor1 (hallway 1000, rm.1015,1019,1301,1311,1357,1362,1380,1409,1411,1413,1415,1417,1419)
  • Broida Hall, floor2 (hallway 2000, suite 2015,2233, rm.2014,2207-2209,2225,2409,2411,2415,2419,2509)
  • Broida Hall, floor3 (hallway 3000, suite 3019, rm.3209,3217,3302,3340,3409,3411,3413,3415,3417,3419)
  • Broida Hall, floor4 (hallway 4000, wing 4100, rm.4402,4406,4409,4411,4415,4417,4419)
  • Broida Hall, floor5 (hallway 5000, wing 5100, rm.5207,5223,5233)
  • Broida Hall, floor6 (hallway 6000, wing 6100,6200)
  • Broida Hall, rooftop (West platform 7020, East platform 7330)
  • BREN rm.1410,1414,1424,1510,1520,2436,3022a,3035,3312,3328,3330,4016,4023-4033,4204,4205,4304,4320-4344,courtyard.
  • Buchanan Hall
  • Bus Loop (South and East bus stops).
  • Campbell Hall
  • Cheadle Hall, bldg.552 1st floor Lobby, floor2, suite 1117,1317-1325,4125-4129,5203,5105.
  • Chemistry bldg.557 rm.1171,1179.
  • Chicano Studies Center
  • Classrooms bldg.387 (West of Psychology)
  • College of Creative Studies
  • Coral Tree Cafe
  • Counseling and Career Services, bldg.599
  • Court Yard Cafe
  • Courtyard between Noble Hall and LSB
  • Davidson Library
  • Deveroux bldg. 7935, 7945, 7955.
  • EH&S (partial coverage)
  • Elings Hall (CNSI), bldg.266
  • Ellison Hall North 2nd floor,rooms 1629,3620-3626
  • Ellison Hall South 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 5th floor.
  • Embarcadero Hall (BofA) Building
  • Engineering Sciences Building
  • Engineering-II
  • Ergonomics Laboratory
  • Events Center
  • FM Yard (bldg.972,584,594,437,439,370,371)
  • Girvetz Hall (except suite 1205, 1140)
  • Harder Stadium East (locker rooms and Arts suite)
  • Harder Office Bldg (rm.1001,1002,1004,1011-1015,1030,1032-1035,1037-1043,1051-1056)
  • Harder Pressbox
  • Harold Frank Hall
  • Hatlen Theater
  • HSSB (except 4001,403x).
  • ICA
  • Isla Vista Theatre
  • Isla Vista Clinic (2nd floor)
  • Kerr Hall (except rm.2105,2202)
  • KCSB (Storke Publications)
  • KCSB in bldg.434 (Women's Center, rooms 0141A-H)
  • LSB bldg.235 rm.1001,1101.
  • Marine Science Bldg.520 (except 14xx, 4th floor NW)
  • Marine Science/Bio Tech Seawater Lab Bldg.555 rm.1010
  • Materials Research Lab
  • Military Science Bldg.451
  • Mosher Alumni House Bldg.517
  • Music Bldg.531 (0300,1200,1300,2200,2300 wing, LLCH rm.1313, rm.1145, rm.1101-1113,1125-1141 and adjacent Music Bowl courtyard)
  • North Hall (wing 1000,2000,3000,2100,rm.1115,rm.1110 and adjacent courtyard)
  • Old Gym East wing (bldg.479)
  • OSEB West wing (bldg.514)
  • Phelps (floor 2,6, wing 1100,1200,1300,1500,3500, rm.1401-1417,1437,1440,4312,5309-5316)
  • Physical Sciences North Bldg.657 (West wing of 1st and 2nd floors, rm.2619,4670)
  • Physical Sciences South Bldg.672 (1702,1707,1719,1725,2nd floor)
  • Pollock Theater
  • Psychology Expansion (bldg.251 and courtyard)
  • Psychology (except SE of floor3)
  • Public Safety bldg.574 East wing.
  • Recreation Center (East wing offices, Main Gym 1030,1031,1041, wing 1000 West, rm.1060-1062, SW pool)
  • Recreation Center Pavilion Gym.
  • Recreation Center Expansion MAC (except locker rooms)
  • Robertson Gym (rm.1125,1131,1133, wings 1000A-1000B Orfalea Center, Audit Offices)
  • SAASB, courtyard, suite 1101,1102,1103(except 1103B-1103F),1207,2103,2201,3201,3203, rm.3101A,3101DD, 4th floor.
  • South Hall, 1st floor (rm.1623,1710-1714)
  • South Hall, 2nd floor (English Department)
  • South Hall, 3rd floor (rm.3501-3506,3519,3605,3607,3617,3635,3709)
  • South Hall, 4th floor (rm.4631)
  • South Hall, 5th floor (suite 5607, rm.5617,5631,5635,5701-5708)
  • South Hall, 6th floor
  • South Hall, Grad Tower
  • SSMS (bldg.276).
  • Student Health (including Patio area West of Bldg).
  • Student Resource Building
  • Surge-II (Bldg.570)
  • Theater and Dance.
  • Theater and Dance courtyard.
  • TB-Sycamore (Building 489)
  • TB-Tutorial Center (Building 477, west wing)
  • Trailers 698,384,699,697 and 380 (except rm.101C).
  • Trailers 378,379 (Communications Services).*
  • Trailers 935,936 (ECI,CS).*
  • Trailers 942,939,937 (West of Broida Halls).
  • Transportation & Parking Services (bldg.375,381,388,595).
  • University Center.
  • Visitor's Center (SAASB, suite 1102).
  • Webb Hall (floor1, except 1055)
  • West Child Care Center
Users of the wireless networks may be assigned IP addresses in the following ranges:
  • (Campus wireless users)
  • (Campus wireless users)
  • (Campus wireless users)
  • (Campus wireless users)
  • (Campus wireless users)
  • (Campus wireless users)
Support is provided by the Network Operations Center (NOC), and includes the following specific support items:
  • Full configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and repair of access points to ensure the service is functioning properly in the designated coverage areas.
  • Limited end-user support, consisting of username/password assistance and general configuration information. The NOC does not perform hardware or software diagnostics or configuration on end-user computers.
Users should contact for assistance. A description of the specific problem, along with the date, time, location, and user account name (e.g. UCSBnetID) are particularly helpful.

If you want to terminate your wireless session and force a logout please visit the page.

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